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CCH CLASSES GROUPS AND PROGRAMS. All CCH classes, groups and programs are available free to the community, can be attended in-person or online. There is a heavy emphasis on life skills training, mental health classes and groups, health and substance abuse. The classes include:

Coping Skills for Trauma teaches clients in crisis – and those at risk of crisis – how to maintain their composure during stressful moments: utilizing breathing techniques, journaling, talk therapy and more. Facilitated by the Clinical Director for Pillars of Wellness Counseling & a team of master’s level clinicians.

GRIEF GROUP – (Jason Kniola, LMHC, LCAC, NCC, LCPC & team)
Grief Group brings together individuals paralyzed by loss and teaches them how to work through the stages of grief to move forward with closure. Facilitated by the Clinical Director for Pillars of Wellness Counseling & a team of master’s level clinicians.

Coping with Chronic Illness addresses the challenges of living with diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other illnesses. Facilitated by the Clinical Director for Pillars of Wellness Counseling & a team of master’s level clinicians.

NURTURING PARENTING – Candice Silvas, (certified through Dunebrook)
Nurturing Parenting teaches new ways of parenting in today’s confusing environment. From learning new ways to manage difficult situations to alternatives for acceptable punitive strategies, parents are encouraged to listen, laugh, love, and provide nurturing ways to raise little ones.

INSURANCE SIGN-UP (HEALTHLINC) – state certified Navigators
HealthLinc offers health insurance sign-up every Monday, offering various options of free Medicaid/HIP vs. Insurance Marketplace.

HIP 2.0/FSSA/TANF SIGN-UP (HEALTHY COMMUNITIES) – state certified Navigators
Healthy Communities helps with signing up for HIP 2.0, Food Stamps (FSSA) and TANF.

GED/HiSet – (MCAS teacher Christine Gertner)
This class, taught in partnership through A.K. Smith Career Center & MCAS, offers adult High School Education Testing (HiSet) classes for those wishing to obtain their high school equivalency.

THINKING FOR GOOD (taught by KTH Program Manager Toni Mandeville, certified facilitator)
This class teaches new ways to break free from old thinking, whether it’s work or home life, and how to manage life in general. Taught by the Keys to Hope Program Coordinator, this class offers new ways of thinking to remain free from old habits.

INWORKS/WORKREADY – (Purdue Extension facilitator Mary Foell)
In this class, taught by Mary Foell from Purdue Extension, clients learn how to set realistic career goals, and how to put those objectives into motion. From participating in mock interviews and learning eye contact, to understanding the importance of ‘dressing for success’, attendees are taught how to prepare for job interviews and increase their chances for landing their dream job.

CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS (Purdue Extension facilitator Mary Foell)
Taught directly after InWorks/WorkReady, Mary Foell continues her job training class by teaching clients how to apply critical thinking skills to the workplace for better job retention.

This class rotates with ‘Critical Thinking Skills’. Purdue Extension’s Mary Foell offers a refresher course on Basic Math for those seeking to secure manufacturing jobs.

NUTRITION EDUCATION (Purdue Extension facilitator Jody Kutch)
Purdue Extension’s Jody Kutch teaches this ongoing class, which offers delicious nutritional options for individuals facing obesity, heart conditions, and other medical issues. This is one of our longest-running classes at GLC and is well-received by many clients.

COMPUTER BASICS (Goodwill Works – Lisa Sharp)
From learning how to type on the keyboard to mastering Microsoft Office, this class identifies participants’ individual needs, and works one-on-one to teach them the basics from scratch. Clients utilize pre-recorded video tutorials, along with hands-on instruction from the facilitator.

Whether it’s starting from scratch or compiling decades of work history, this class teaches participants how to create the perfect resume. Once created, we teach how to upload and utilize today’s online technology to search for – and apply for – the perfect job.

BOWEN SERVICES (bachelor’s and master’s level social workers)
Bowen Services has representatives in our building every week to work with current and former clients on life skills, even for those who have graduated our programs and made their way into independent living. Clients who have already been housed receive assistance with grocery shopping and errands, as part of an aftercare program designed to ensure success even after leaving our organization.

NICOTINE ANONYMOUS (Retired Healthy Communities representative)
The newest class in the ’12-step programs’, Nicotine Anonymous does not require participants to abstain, only to attempt to abstain. Attendees discuss how difficult it is to quit smoking – and remain abstinent – using the same 12-step process as AA and N/A.

LUNCHBREAK ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (rotating chairperson, per AA)
LunchBreak AA offers a mid-day 12-step meeting for those struggling with alcoholism.

ANGER MANAGEMENT (Bowen Services/mental health specialists)
A court-recognized & approved course for dealing with anger issues, Anger Management is a six-week series offering coping skills and techniques for those working on managing frustrations in daily life.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE EDUCATION (taught by KTH Program Manager, certified facilitator)
A six-week, 26-week and 52-week course, with certificates provided at the end of each series. Phase I helps individuals identify if they have a substance abuse problem; Phase II helps create recovery plans, support, and networks. Phase III allows those who have completed Phases I and II to give back to newer students who are struggling with their sobriety.

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded program that offers additional support services to first-generation, low-income, or students with a disability to assist in the successful completion of an associate degree from local and regional institutions and/or transfer to a four-year college or university.

ALIVENESS PROJECT (licensed tester/facilitator – 3rd Friday of every month)
This free service, offered by the Aliveness Project, provides HIV, HEP-C and other STD testing. Clients participate in education, then immediate testing with results in 15 minutes.