Keys to Hope Community Resource Center

The Keys to Hope Community Resource Center (KTH) aims to serve the most disenfranchised members of the community. KTH provides a program that has been referred to as the ABC’s to Self-Sufficiency: A for Appearance, B for Behavior and C for Case Management and Courage to Change. KTH offers participants free showers and laundry amenities, access to computers and the internet, classes, structure, and case management.

KTH works with numerous community partners to act as a central access point for social services and resources including appropriate public aid, health insurance, housing, and a connection to volunteer and job opportunities. KTH collaborates with the following partner agencies: Vocational Rehabilitation, Swanson Center, Covering Kids and Families, Healthlinc, A Hand Up, Goodwill 2nd Chance Program, and many others.

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